Soccer Training At Força SC, commitment to weekly, high-quality soccer practice is central to everything else. We teach everything we can in the practices so that later our players can apply what they learn in the games. Our players come to increase their soccer IQ with group-tailored sessions. We aim to provide consistent and productive feedback to keep our young players engaged and challenged. Everything we do in practice will individually prepare each player for what they need to do in the game. Soccer is a dynamic sport so players need to be able to make quick decisions, understand proper positioning, be able to play offense and defense, and above all... always give 100% effort.
Força SC Teams On a seasonal basis, Força SC will create teams from their training groups. Not everyone plays on the teams, and this is complementary to required training. You cannot just compete in the games. Some players will compete with their Força location teams in leagues relatively close to their training facilities. There will also be select "Houston-Area" teams that will combine players from both Força academies to compete in tournaments. This model allows our high-level teams to train close to home with the same intensity as their teammates but compete at the highest levels on a bigger stage with players from all around Houston.
Careers Força SC Soccer Academy is looking for youth soccer trainers, technical managers, and administrative help at all of our academies for year-round training sessions and seasonal games. We provide oversight and feedback to our coaches and help them implement their group sessions so they learn and grow in practice and games. We are looking for coaches that are eager to learn and will be committed to the players, training, and games. Above all we want coaches that want to improve and that we can count on. All of our staff understands that this isn't about number of kids, but personal relationships so we can truly get through to each of our families.


Força SC Soccer Academy has the most comprehensive program for players, ages 5-17, that are willing to live and learn real soccer. Our highly personalized and holistic training methodology teaches comprehensives soccer skills and reinforces key values that are essential to being a well-rounded soccer player and individual.

Our technical directors closely monitor progress with periodic meetings with the families and timely and constructive feedback. From July to May each team, led by Força SC Technical Staff, practices two or three times per week and participates in league competitions.

Pre-Academy Skills Training

Soccer from Spain for our youngest or beginner players! We work on concepts week after week that tailors specifically to young kids or players just getting started.

At Força SC we use age-appropriate technical and tactical games that will kick-start your child’s understanding, skills, and love for soccer. We will help your child:

Força SC’s Skills program is open to our youngest players and players who are just getting started with soccer. It is an advanced introduction to the joys of soccer and uses fun-based training activities that focus on fundamentals running, dribbling, passing, and shooting. The kids won’t even realize how much they are learning as they become immersed in the fun environment.


Each session runs 45-60 minutes.

  • Learn basic soccer concepts and skills.
  • Improve coordination.
  • Practice socialization and cooperative skills.
  • Ignite their passion for soccer.
  • Instill values like teamwork, camaraderie, effort, and respect.
  • and much more...


All of our goalkeepers that train with us will receive free weekly goalkeeper training. We also provide goalkeeper training for goalkeepers outside of our club. Our main mission is to provide a comprehensive goalkeeping program that allows anyone that is truly ready to work hard adopt our mantra of "Confidence and persistence under pressure."

We feel proud to provide to all our goalkeepers the most up-to-date goalkeeping training methodology.

The importance that goalkeepers have in the collective game is based on 3 elements; mastering technical aspects of goalkeeping, game comprehension, and playing with the ball at your feet. Mastering these 3 elements is absolutely essential for any boy or girl that wants to become a holistic goalkeeper in the soccer world. Johan Cruyff & Pep Guardiola showed us the important role that goalkeepers play on the field in a system where attacking and defending is based on ball possession.  Obviously, the goalie needs to make quality saves, but the ability to use their hands and feet equally is very important. The goalkeeper needs to be the 11th field player as well as the key defender of the goal.